Decorating Long Narrow Living Room Ideas

Sep 22nd

Do you have a long and narrow living room that you don’t know how to decorate?  Here we will give you some ideas to decorating long narrow living room simply and quickly to understand.

Rug Idea in Long Narrow Living Room
Rug Idea in Long Narrow Living Room

Before starting to decorate, you should know that there are 3 main types of long narrow living rooms; the very small cramped quarter, the long narrow yet fairly roomy quarters and the long, narrow and very spacious quarters.

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Either way many people look at a long and narrow space, regardless of the size, as a problem space. However if you can see them as fun and a space with a lot of potential, you will find that it will be so easy to decorate the space.

Actually the success of decorating long narrow living room depends on several items. First, it’s about where and how the furniture is placed.  If the room is long and narrow but still roomy (this won’t really work in a cramped room) place some furniture perpendicular to the length of the room. If the room is very narrow use love seats instead of a longer sofa so you’ll have room for a pass-thru. If the room is very long but still room, you should put some furniture on an angle. To reduce the feeling that the room is a bowling alley, try an arrangement with some of your furniture on an angle.  Second, you should pay attention to the items used. The colors of the items, and the wall paint used are the third main things. The last thing is about the types and colors of the flooring.

After you know the aspects that will help you to get successful in decorating your living room, you should also know that there are many ways to decorate a long narrow room to make it look beautiful.

One of the main ways is by separating the areas. By doing so the fact that the room is so long is diminished. These areas can be separated in a few ways; by creating a sitting area along with the living room, by placing the living room furniture at one end and the dining room at the other, and by using large rugs.

You should know that rugs work well in decorating living room which is long and narrow since they will distinguish the areas so you can see the separation. Without creating a physical barrier, rugs help to separate living areas from dining areas and one space from another in the same room. In small spaces, rugs that exceed the edges of the furniture can make a room appear larger.

Besides using rugs, you can also separate your living room by using room dividers, which can be actual room dividers, shelves, real or faux columns, and the placement of the furniture. Painting one end one color and the other end a different color is also one of separating and decorating long narrow living room ideas. You should pick up colors from fabrics, artwork, or a favorite accessory and use them in the colors at both ends in different hues (different shades of the same color family).