How To Lose Weight When Breastfeeding

When you have just had a baby, then it is tempting to try to lose weight. Pregnancy will put on weight and most women will not find that their figure comes back naturally. However, working hard to lose weight may not work well with breast feeding and is not recommended by the authorities.

The reason that it is not recommended is that some diets can be very restrictive with regards to the foods that can be eaten. This is not healthy because it may mean that the body is not getting the nutrients that it needs for the milk. A lack of nutrients will mean that the baby will have a lack as well.

Breast feeding does burn off a lot of calories. Some women find that they just lose weight naturally because their body is using up so many calories to produce the milk. The fat that they put on in pregnancy, to help them with this, is used up and they lose weight.

However, some people put on extra weight during pregnancy. This is for a number of reasons, but it is often thought that women use their oncoming weight gain as an excuse to eat extra. Others need the energy to help them through the pregnancy. It can be difficult to lose this weight afterwards because there is not enough time to plan healthy meals and exercise has to be done with caution to start with.

It is worth speaking to a midwife, health visitor or GP if you are trying to lose weight and let them know what your plans are. It is best to cut out junk food such as sweets, biscuits, cakes and take away meals and make sure that you have a good variety of fruits and vegetables. Keeping things as basic as this may be enough to help with weight loss and it can be easy and in fact healthier for you and the baby. Eating regular meals can help to keep your energy levels up as well as healthy snacking between meals.

Some women have certain health conditions after giving birth. For example, they may be low in iron. This means that they may need to eat more iron containing foods in order to boost those levels. It is worth speaking to a midwife or GP about this as they will be able to help with tips and also will kow if you are on any medication and whether that will have an effect on what you should or should not be eating.

Exercise can also be important. In the first month it is important to rest but as your body recovers, you can go out for a walk each day to help with your fitness. This could help with losing some weight as well. This can be good for the baby, so that they get some fresh air and also get to see some different things.

So weight loss is not always recommended during breastfeeding. However, eating a healthy diet can help to promote weight loss as will the actual feeding of the baby and so it can be possible to lose weight while breast feeding.